What is the Atomize Platform?

It is a starting point to develop custom software solutions.

It is designed around these principles:

  • Real-time visibility and actuation
  • Process automation
  • Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) that keep working while offline
  • Ready for IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and actuators
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • No business logic by default, because every company is different. Instead, give tools for developers to quickly create customized business logic
  • Constant evolution with zero impact on field operations, when releasing new features


Atomize Platform vs Usual Software Project

Usual Software Project Atomize Platform
Design and Arquitecture Start from zero Start with tried and tested patterns
Comprehensive Data Model To do Done
RESTful API, used by web app, mobile and integrations To do Done
Comprehensive set of operators on the RESTful API (include related entities, filters, search, comparison, etc.) To do Done
Full-text search To do Done
Document Management To do Done
Real-time push notifications for mobile devices, that work behind your corporate firewall To do Done
MQTT broker to connect IoT devices To do Done
Authentication and Authorization To do Done
Support multiple locations (warehouses, stores, etc) To do Done
Hierarchical locations (Example: warehouse > isle > rack > cell)  To do  Done
User authorization per locations To do Done
Data sync and offline support for mobile devices To do Done
User-defined fields To do Done
GPS tracking of mobile devices To do Done
Custom business logic, tailored to your company To do To do
Deploy new mobile app screens “automagically”, with zero impact on mobile users To do Done


Clients & Projects

Track & Trace for Aerospace Industry
TOS for MSC Entroncamento Container Terminal (dry port)
TOS for MSC Aveiro Container Terminal (dry port)
3PL Logistics for the Petrochemical Industry