Where Atomize stands in the IoT value chain

Atomize Software isn’t an IoT company. We are not building hardware or developing device management software. So why are we talking about IoT?
As you may know, Spin, our product, is a software framework for fast development of tools for real-time, fast-paced, business processes. Our vision is that all organizations have the challenge of running processes at an unprecedented level of complexity, where inputs and outputs are done not only by People, but also by Things.
This aggregation of People and Things forces companies to start looking at business processes from end-to-end, in an integrated way, and when you do that, all of a sudden, process management isn’t about automating tasks and being more efficient, it’s about a 360º Customer Experience and being better than your competitors.

We call this concept Unified Business Processes. Spin’s mission is to connect People and Things and give companies the tools they need to think, test, deploy and scale Unified Business Processes.

We are at the start of this journey, and we are committed to make Spin the best tool for this job.